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October is a month I enjoy as the autumnal colours are simply stunning and usually the hype of Christmas is already getting underway in our house. This year I will most definitely be hanging up every decoration I can find and yes Clive (my other half) I will be putting decorations up early this year. But for now I'm thoroughly enjoying the rustic tones that have spread across Liddesdale valley. Now at the end of the month and after some blustery winds, I don't think we'll have the autumn colours for much longer.

It's been a very wet end to the month, the ground is sodden and it looks likely there’s a lot more to come. The days are shorter, nights are darker and the temperature is dropping. Winter is just around the corner. I'm busy working through a list of commissions which I'm extremely grateful to have, especially since there are no events to sell my artwork. Normally at this time of the year there are back to back events running up to Christmas. So please this year when you’re thinking to buy a gift for someone special, think of buying from someone local. It truly means everything and is very much appreciated.

NEWCASTLETON wildlife club are still going strong, with covid rules in place. Recently our session was run later in the day than normal so we could have a "Wildlife night watch". The group were so engaged using bat detectors. The bats did not disappoint, a great number were out and about, we also heard tawny owls and spotted a roe deer.

Newcastleton Wildlife Club is now short listed for a very prestigious and exciting award. We are in the Youth and Education category for Scotland's RSPB 2020 awards. It’s been explained to me as the Baftas for nature! We were nominated by the Scottish Wildlife Trust earlier in the year. Winners will be announced on the 25th November evening in a special online event and you can book a free ticket and cheer us on. Just Google RSPB 2020 Awards and register your ticket, we'd really appreciate your support. Things to look out for ● fungi, loads to look out for

● hazelnuts on trees ● ENJOY those autumnal colours before the wind blows them all away

Remember to report any squirrel sightings, red, grey, dead or alive to Saving Scotland's Red squirrels, or to Liddesdale red squirrel group on Facebook.

THANK YOU Happy wildlife watching xx


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