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MARCH 2021

March is the beginning of good things to come. . . .

Lighter nights, new growth, colour blossoming over the landscape, lambs bouncing in the fields, warmth and sunshine, and hope for the rest of the year. 2021 began with not much to look forward to - perhaps we all felt a little lost and unsure of our future. Now though the landscape is changing - emerging from winter's slumber and nature is at full speed. Birds frantically finding a mate, building nests, foxes spotted out during the day as they hunt to feed hungry little mouths, bats have come out of hibernation, the croaking of frogs and laying spawn, primroses popping colour among the last winter grasses, buds about to burst on trees and shrubs are only a few of nature’s miraculous actions. Whatever else is going on, nature just keeps thriving.

Daffodils are just beginning to burst open in our garden and many other plants are on the verge of following. Lambs will soon be born at the farm near to us, and we always look forward to seeing lambs racing round the fields, they are such a joy to watch. It looks like being a bumper year for frogs judging by the number we’ve spotted in the ditches that run at the edge of our garden, as well as lots of spawn. So the herons will do very well this year.

On one warm sunny afternoon I spotted two beautiful tortoiseshell butterflies in the garden and heard several bees buzzing.

And I have something really exciting to look forward to...I'm planning a joint exhibition along with a friend who is a very talented wildlife photographer. We're going to call it 'Inspired by Nature', because Caroline and I both love the nature right on our doorstep and really hope people will appreciate seeing our work.

We will hold the exhibition when rules allow and we feel it’s safe to invite people to attend. It’ll feature Caroline’s photographs and artwork by me which has been inspired by her lovely pictures. We’re really thrilled about this as we know just how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the Scottish borders. More info to follow soon. I'm also delighted to announce we are receiving more and more red squirrel sightings. The hard work Sam Cropper has put in to decrease the numbers of the non-native grey squirrel, is allowing reds to thrive again in the Liddesdale area. So keep a look out when you’re out and about and remember to let us know if you spot one. We really appreciate your help. Things to do . . .. ● have you spotted any frogspawn? ● report any squirrel sightings to Saving Scotland's red squirrels or Liddesdale red squirrel group on Facebook● daffodils and primroses ● look out for bees and butterflies ● enjoy spending time outside Keep wildlife watching and stay safe and well x


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