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New books should be released with a bit of a fanfare, but sadly Covid meant I couldn't hold any kind of party to celebrate the publication of

'A Night With Brox Badger'.

However, I'm very proud to welcome book number three to my series of wildlife stories for children.

Am I working on book number four? Well that would be telling - but I will say there are many more wonderful; animals in the Scottish Borders and they all have terrific tales to tell.

So watch this space...

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                                                                      'A day with Amber Rabbit' is the second in a series of books about wildlife

                                                                in the Scottish Borders.  It is aimed at younger children and is colourful,                                                                          realistic and  educational.  It follows the success of 'A day with Roan Squirrel'



           I held the first book-signing at my home near

           Newcastleton and it was a terrific success.

           I was particularly delighted to welcome a very special person -

           Judith Murray who taught me Art at school.

           Judith was a huge inspiration to me and I have thanked her and

           my other Art teacher Rab Brown in both books.



           A percentage of each book sold is being

           donated to Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels,

           which is a cause I support passionately.

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