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I am a mother of two as well as an artist, and I run wildlife groups all over the Borders - so life is very busy and rarely dull. That's just the way I like it.


Oh yes - I also have three ponies, a dog, and countless chickens!


I've loved drawing and painting, ever since I was a little girl. I specialise in painting animals and countryside scenes.


I often paint on slate as it seems very appropriate to my style. I also have a range of cards and prints depicting a wide variety of animals,  birds and country scenes. 


In the following pages you'll find examples of my work.


                        Most of the cards come in two different 

                        sizes - A6 (4" x 6") and square (4" x 4").







                          The one exception is the wolf card -

                           it is 4" x 8.5"








    The prints are Giclee so they have all                                                  the richness of tone and colour of the                                                original paintings.

     They are mounted and signed.  Click                                                  on each one to find out size and price.







                                          If you would like to commission a piece                                             of slate art, send me a message via the

                                          contact form and we can discuss                                                         specifics.




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