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I write and illustrate my books to provide colourful, realistic

and educational wildlife stories for younger children.

They cost £8.50 each plus postage and packing.

If you would like to buy my books or find out more about them,

please send me an email -

my address is

I will be delighted to hear from you.

Brox cover.jpg
Amber Rabbit Book Cover-page-0.jpg

Book number three in my series of wildlife stories for children is set in the nocturnal world of Brox Badger.

Badgers are shy and elusive characters and it can be a rare treat to spot one. This book gives us an insight into their habits and habitat and helps us to learn a bit more about these beautiful animals.

Amber Rabbit takes centre stage in my second book.

She is a lively and mischievous rabbit and has been known to get into scrapes.

In this book we learn about her life and the other animals she meets every day. We also meet some of the humans who live near her home. And we discover just what makes her go scurrying home to the safety of the burrow at the end of another busy day.

Roan Book front cover-page-0.jpg

A Day With Roan Squirrel is my first book.

It follows the adventures of Roan Squirrel as she goes about her daily business in the beautiful  Scottish Borders.

Along the way she meets some of her friends - but also has to keep a wary eye open because not all the creatures in the woods are nice to squirrels. 

We also find out about Roan's secret - what is she keeping hidden away? 

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