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I think it's really important to teach children about our countryside and the environment we live in. They 

need to understand that we all have a part to play in the great web of life - insects, animals, flowers, trees, birds, bees - and human beings - we are all important.



I started a Wildlife Watch club because my son loves nature and wants to learn as much as he can about

the natural world. I quickly discovered he's not alone. People often criticise children for spending too

much time watching TV or sitting in front of computer screens. Maybe they just need a chance to do something different.



My group love to be outside, regardless of the weather. We go on bug hunts, we identify plants, we

bake bread over an open fire, we create dreamcatchers and bird boxes, we ring baby owls - oh yes, and

we always find time to play games too.  We are also dedicated to the cause of saving the endangered Red Squirrel. 

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