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There’s a chill in the air and I can almost hear the whispers of winter coming.

Autumn is definitely my favourite time of the year. The autumnal colours over the Liddesdale valley never fail to please me.

When I was out riding my pony through the forest over the weekend, I thought the forest was at its very best, hazel trees loaded with clusters of hazelnuts, rowan trees bursting with bright red berries, brambles displaying their juicy ripe berries protected by thorny stems.

Varieties of lichen and mosses flowering, deciduous trees dropping their leaves and the yellowing of larch trees with their long and bowing branches.

Whatever happens in our lives, good or bad, everything just carries on.

Nature always tries to continue, to survive another day, even after a hard winter’s day, a storm, burning heat, high winds and floods.

When we lose someone we love it’s hard to accept that everything and everyone just carries on around you, while your world is standing still.

It's not all about what you've lost, it’s also about all the things that have happened, the moments, the occasions, the celebrations, and the ones that haven’t, like growing older together. You have to try to learn how to cope with knowing that's not going to happen.

When you want to phone that person to tell them something or ask for advice, when you need a hug or you simply just want to spend time with them. To tell that person how much you love them.

I think I simply forgot we don't live forever, and I'm learning just how tough and unfair our fragile lives are.

Losing my Mam has been and still is the worst experience of my life, but my family, ponies and nature have helped me so much.

Being outdoors and embracing the weather during walks, riding, gardening and just sitting outside has really helped me to get through tough days.

It really is true that spending time with nature truly does nurture.

Before Covid 19 came about I was just about to launch my nature/art workshops. They’ll be an opportunity for people to come and enjoy a nature walk collecting/photographing things they see, then relaxing back at my cabin to sketch or paint their findings. A chance to create a unique piece of work inspired by nature.

I really think this is so relevant now, nature really does support your health and well being.

So, the good news is that I’m hard at work planning all the details and the workshops are coming soon.

And remember there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing

Till next month,

Happy wildlife watching


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