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Just when I was getting used to my house being noisy and busy with my

family at home 24/7, I'm now adapting to quieter times, but feeling anxious

– ‘Just how safe are my kids back in full time school?’

I'm a bundle of mixed feelings . . .excited that my youngest has now started

High School, happy that my eldest can meet up with friends and is about to

start part time college too, but also worried – ‘Will they carry the virus home,

will we then spread it?’ It's even more vital that hand washing , social distancing, and mask wearing

applies, now that we are all going out and about more. Hawick High School have worked extremely hard putting procedures in place

and supporting the youngsters who are starting school, and this has been

very much appreciated . I've really missed my two kids just being around, My son Jake has helped and

worked outside in our garden, while my daughter has been my much needed

horse trainer assistant, as I'm currently working on a young pony.

She has supported me by riding her pony out with me and guiding us along.

Now even our dog Baxter is looking for them, for his walks and play.

Mind you my cupboards aren't being attacked as often! As I've said before, nature carries on and adapts to whatever’s happening

and so must we. I've noticed the swallows are grouping up, preparing to head for their

overseas winter homes, although I've also had a late batch of eggs newly


This year we've definitely had a higher number of rabbits in the

garden and spotted a good number of hares just behind our house.

As we head through August, there's already a hint of autumnal colour

beginning to emerge. I spotted some Rowan berries only the other day. We've had a badger shuffling about the garden at night, checking for any

crumbs and nuts under the bird feeders.

Many a night we've been chased indoors as the midges have been so

intense. I always think when the midge appears at spring just as the sugary

new growth of grass comes through, it’s nature's way to keep grazing animals

on the move.

Horses don’t have the physical ability to be sick, so if they overeat, they can

get really bad stomach pain and worse. The midges keep them moving, and

that keeps the gut active. The midges can't half make me move!

Normally at the end of August here in Liddesdale all the locals enjoy the

Holm Show, our agricultural show. People from near and far show their

horses, pets, sheep, rare breeds, poultry, jams and jellies, sports, displays,

stalls, tents, artwork, crafts, walking sticks and so, so much more.

Sadly the Show has been cancelled this year due to Covid, however

I'm sure next year will be even better. Definitely a date for the diary 2021. THANK YOU to everyone for reporting grey squirrel sightings, this year has

been high with grey numbers.

A huge thank you again to Sam Cropper who has had traps set all around t

he Liddesdale area, and also to Buzz McNeil.

If this work isn’t done, we will sadly lose our native Red squirrels. If you spot a squirrel – red or grey – please report it to Saving Scotland's

Red Squirrels. Click on 'report a sighting' and follow the steps. We really do

appreciate your help.


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