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JULY 2020

I’m feeling like this year has had a January and February,

and now we're not far off from welcoming

Autumnal colour and change.

Where has this year gone? This year has gone to anxious times, worries, fears, grief,

but also to family time, re-engaging, appreciation and

feeling grateful for what we have. For some, they have acted irresponsibly with no compassion

for others, but the majority of humankind have respected the

guidelines and looked out for our friends, loved ones, and neighbours. You cannot judge others, be proud of what you can do to

help yourself, family, community, as in years to come we

will tell stories to youngsters about this time, schools will

research how we all coped, what did we do in the months of lockdown? When we look back and research nature of this time – 2020

- more humans have taken notice of nature worldwide,

we have cleaner rivers and streams for example.

Is it because we simply had /have more time, is it because

the skies and roads are quieter and we can hear and see

more? Is it because mentally we need to re-connect to nature,

like a magnet to heal us from what's happening? You have to remember we have built roads/towns/cities

on all creatures’ own habitats. We are the ones who have

taken over and claimed their land. Those creatures are just

using the same routes and same paths of their territory, so

maybe with us being at home more we're simply seeing

what we're missing while we're so engulfed in our busy lives. Our two kids at home have seen more nature in our own

garden. Capturing nature is about being the right place at

the right time. They've seen foxes and badgers, fawns and

eels, fledgling birds, toads and slow worms

to name but a few.

They’re all here, a great variety of wildlife, right on our

doorstep. Some things, the little things can go un-noticed,

but if you spend time and really look, wildlife and nature

is there, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by us all.

There isn't a better feeling than when you’re maybe out

for a walk, and you discover something new or see your

first of something.

I still smile when I see my first ladybird of the year, or like

the other day while I was mucking out my ponies’ field,

I lay on the grass to listen and spot grasshoppers. We've had young bank voles popping up all over the place,

we had some we had to lift and move as they were at risk

to being squashed by ponies feet. No wonder the foxes

and owls are doing well this year.

And just to let you all know we still have two tawny owls

still being fed by their parents every night. From about

9pm the youngsters start calling, demanding to be fed.

They are so like their parents now, almost the same size

and all feathered up. The parents let them call for a while

now before they feed them, they are trying to encourage

them to hunt for themselves now too. Obviously it's easier

if your parents do it for you, so there's been a few arguments

in the big oak tree by our house!

I'm so keen to get Newcastleton Wildlife Club going again

but the Trust is holding on to September to start. I delivered

a wee painted wood cookie to all the members and wrote

a card to each one, just checking they and their families were okay,

and letting them know the club will resume soon.

How to help nature ● take your litter home ●report any squirrel sightings to

"Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels" ●make sure you have water available in your

garden on dry days

Get out there and enjoy what's on your doorstep,

log your findings, photograph what you see

or maybe do some sketching.

I'd love to see your drawings. TAKE CARE EVERYONE, AND JUST LOVE NATURE X

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