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May 2020

May has been and almost gone.

We've been feeling a bit more unsettled as the UK now has different

lockdown rules for different areas. As we live close to the border

between Scotland and England there has definitely been more traffic

which is worrying. We live in a lovely community where our wee shops happily deliver your

shopping to the door, but we’re unsure of when we will be back with family

and friends. We must stay strong and think of others, and stay at home. Home for me is where I love to be, so I'm not missing much to be honest.

I have my family, my animals and my garden here, and I'm enjoying having

time to try new techniques and styles with my art. I've fallen in love with pen drawings especially. I like the feeling that there's

no room for error, you can't simply rub out a wrong line. It really makes

you think about texture, shading and shape using only a pen. This drawing is

of a friend's dog - he's a real character and I hope I've managed to capture that.

Amber and I have spent time collecting and pressing flowers, grasses

and leaves from the garden and field, and we're planning to create some

pieces of art from this.

As the daffodils and primroses die back, there's plenty of new colour and

growth bursting through. Wild garlic and bluebells are everywhere in the

garden, and the normally boggy part of the field is like a burst of sunshine

from the marsh marigolds and buttercups, forget me-nots, cuckoo flower

and wood violets peppered in garden and field.

Trees and shrubs are thickening up with lush green tones and our oaks are

still very slowly opening their leaves. What were brown beech hedges are

now a burst of green leaves.

Many of our garden birds nest are empty as young have fledged, but a few

left are still filled with hungry chicks. A roe deer left a special delivery just behind our house, as she went off

to graze, popping back and forth to check.

Roe deer give birth and leave quickly, because the fawn has no scent when

born, and a predator would smell the mother deer. Fawns aren’t like horses’

foals that are up on their feet quickly. They will lie still, managing to hold

their wobbly heads up, then will curl up and sleep, and feed once the mother

is back. When she returns, she opens her mouth and makes a clicky noise

to locate her youngster. As a family we have enjoyed seeing the two together daily. They seem to

be used to us going about, but the doe stays very alert at all times. I can't wait to sit down to draw or paint this beautiful creature. I wonder what will turn up in our garden next? I'm completely in love where

I live. I'm grateful to the delights from wildlife that just seem to appear,

they really do lift your feelings. But you need to play your part by taking

the time to really look at nature. Spending time outside is really good for

you, so embrace the weather, wear appropriate clothing and enjoy at your

pace. You may be surprised what you find.


● flowering wild garlic

●new growth on trees and shrubs ●listen to bird calls on your walk ●photograph wild flowers

●lizards and sole worms basking in the Sun

Stay safe everyone Wildlife carries on and so will we See you next month

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