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March 2020

I’m finding it difficult to know where or how to begin this month’s blog,

so I think I'll begin with how I feel. I’m over whelmed with information about Covid 19 and just trying to

take each day as it comes. The weather has been kind and I've thrown

myself into getting much awaited jobs done outside in the garden. I realise we are extremely lucky to have a large garden and animals to

keep us all occupied and give us an interest to pass the time during this

self-isolation period.

I'm trying to make happy memories in such a frightening and

unpredictable time in all our lives. Having lunch sitting in the garden’s sunshine, making plans to create

a garden pond, painting stones outside, spending time with the animals,

baking, drawing, not stressing about school work, because mental health

and wellbeing are far more important for the time being.

Being positive is key, love the ones in your household whether people

or animal, or enjoy your own company, just be happy with what you've got.

In time this will be a memory, a sad and upsetting one in many ways but something that inspires me each day is nature. Watching birds busily

making their nests, flowers bursting into patches of colour in the

garden, seeing the longer lighter evenings. Nature is carrying on and so will we. So on your daily walk or out in your garden, take time to:

● listen to the birds ● enjoy the daffodils and primroses

● lookout for the return of the oyster catchers ●enjoy when the sun shines ● hedgehogs out of hibernation ● frog spawn

But most of all...

Stay safe,

stay well


stay at home

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