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July 2019

Just can't believe we're at the end of July already. Most people seem to have been on holiday or are just going on holiday. Me? Well nothing booked as yet .. . To be honest I just love to be at home with the kids and animals. My fourteen year old son disappears almost every day round the forest on his bike, so my daughter and I play with the ponies, while I juggle slate painting commission orders, cut the grass, try to keep the veggie patch going, sand the skirting boards in my house - oh yes, and get the Liddesdale red squirrel group going. Last on the list comes housework! I'm delighted to say we've been getting a wee red squirrel visitor scampering about the garden regularly again, so I'm really hoping this is a good sign for more to come.

We're just in the process of setting up a new Liddesdale red squirrel group. At the moment we are just sorting out who will be Treasurer, Chairperson etc, so I will keep you posted on progress. We are planning to keep in close touch with the Langholm, Brampton and Kielder groups so we can organise a sweep of trapping all at the same time, in the hope of a successful blast of catching the grey squirrels. If you do spot a grey or red, dead or alive please report to Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels website. It's easy to do, just click on report a sighting. It provides much needed info. NEWCASTLETON WILDLIFE CLUB enjoyed their annual visit from Ray Lowden from the Kielder Birds of Prey Centre at the beginning of the month - he always brings a great variety of birds, from tawny owl chicks to hawks and vultures. As always, the group thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on experience, and each member had their own favourite bird.

Copshaw Holm enjoyed great weather for the Music Festival and Copshaw Common Riding at the beginning of the month, with many singsongs, much musical talent, and shedloads of capers. Just the way we like it.

Next month we will all be looking forward to the Holm show,. It's always held on the last Saturday in August, so get yourself a schedule and get those entries in. There's something for everyone, from home baking to equestrian and everything in between.

● REMEMBER to report any squirrel sightings ● Get outside and enjoy a walk in the Liddesdale valley ● Make sure you've put your entries in to the Holm show in time

and till next month HAPPY WILDLIFE WATCHING

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