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So here it is ... Spring has sprung...

Nature has quite literally sprung into action this month, with green

shoots bursting through the earth, birds singing and buds beginning

to open on the trees.

Fields are filled with playfully energetic lambs and calves and there

are displays of primroses galore in the woodlands. At Newcastleton

wildlife club we have been finding lots of ladybirds, new growth and

even lizards.

This month I turn another year older, but wiser? Mmm, maybe not,

but another wrinkle perhaps? Either way I love celebrating my birthday

at home with the family and animals. It's a bonus if i manage to squeeze

time in to get the horses out too.

My other half clearly knows me very well because he came home with a

trailer load of fencing rails for my birthday present, as well as a heston

bale of straw.

I'm the kind of lass who loves practical gifts, however I was delighted to

receive cake and prosecco too! We have all kinds of birds nesting in the garden and wood, but the nest

box I'm most excited about is my owl box. Every year our tawny owl

lays couple of eggs there. Once the chicks are hatched and reach a certain

age, the Newcastleton wildlife group will measure, weigh and ring them

with the help of Malcolm Henderson from Jedburgh.

Fingers crossed both eggs hatch well, and I can bring you photos soon. Things to look out for ●Bluebells ●tadpoles ●WOOD anemone ●swallows

When you're out and about, please remember to keep all dogs on leads

if you're anywhere near farmland.

And - when you mow your lawn, please try to leave the dandelions

- the bees really need them!

Till next month...

Happy wildlife watching

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