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Well for this month all I can say is a huge

THANK YOU. That goes to all who have put themselves out there and helped

wildlife over the past year, whether it be simply feeding the birds,

participating in a survey or actively making a difference for wildlife. We have come to the end of another fun filled and packed year with

Newcastleton Wildlife Club. Throughout the year members aged from

5 to teenage years have been helping wildlife to thrive. We meet every

week in all weathers, doing everything from litter picking to surveys,

building hedgehog homes, identifying wild flowers, planting bulbs,

shrubs and trees to flying raptors, making friends and cooking outside,

the list is truly endless.

It's really exciting to see youngsters learning about wildlife,

caring for their habitats and learning what they can do to help

our local nature thrive.

They gain an enthusiasm and passion, and best of all,

they are outside, forming friendships and having so much fun. So a very heartfelt THANK YOU to all members for your hard work

and dedication. Finally I'd like to thank all my customers who have supported and encouraged

me with my new venture.

A Day With Roan Squirrel is my first ever book and it's planned as

the first in a series of wildlife stories for younger children.

Your custom and your belief in me and my wildlife art has meant

so much to me. HELPING WILDLIFE IN DECEMBER ● Make sure water for birds and wildlife isn't frozen, check daily; ● Create animal homes in your garden, to provide a much needed

shelter for the wintry weather to come; ● Continue to feed the birds as they will be relying on us more; ● Please remember to report any red or grey squirrel sightings to

'Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels '. look out for their posters around

the village. HAPPY CHRISTMAS

to everyone,

and I can't wait to catch up

with you all in 2019.

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