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The days are getting shorter and the nights longer, and I must admit, I kinda

feel ready for this time of year. Life's so busy and it's always a welcome sight

when you drive home at the end of a long day to find your other half has lit the

fire, the curtains are drawn and the house feels cosy.

However I then start wondering how wee creatures survive out there in the

bleakest of nights? Well, some grow a thicker denser coat, insulating them well

to keep them warm through the night, some hibernate after they have fattened themselves up, some migrate to a warmer climate and some just carry on regardless. We humans can put extra layers on, eat hot meals, stay warm inside. The natural world keeps on amazing me. Nature can and will adapt as best it can

to all that gets thrown at it, whether it be severe weather change or extreme temperatures, or flooding, loss of habitat etc etc

But how are animals and birds supposed to cope with foreign bodies in their food

source and habitat? PLASTIC is everywhere, some we can see, some we can't.

David Attenborough has brought it to everyone's attention - what we as human

beings are doing to this planet, our planet, our children's and their children's planet.


No matter how small a change, whether in your school, your community,

your household or even just YOU.

We really can make a big difference by doing small things. For example, if

your household uses one plastic bottle of shampoo per week, why not swop

to a shampoo bar instead? That could save 52 plastic bottles a year.

Maybe another person a few doors down decides to do the same, and they

tell neighbours, who in turn tell friends, and before you know it hundreds

of people are doing it.

That one good habit could spread to the next community, next city, next

country, leading to an epic result. So with just one small action, you really

are helping our planet.

Personally I don't really see the point of keeping the cycle going by

recycling - why recycle a plastic bottle to be made into another plastic

bottle. Wouldn't it be a better idea to just stop buying and using plastic? It's definitely time to stop thinking about it, and DO IT. What we can do for wildlife this month * Continue to feed the birds and offer water too

* Keep your eyes peeled for small young hedgehogs because they will need help.

Contact The Scottish wildlife hospital in Dumfries or call your vet for advice, or message me.

* Continue to report sightings of red and grey squirrels to Saving Scotland's

Red Squirrels

* Remember to keep a breathing hole in your garden ponds Simply get out there, embrace the weather and enjoy the season.

And come to one of my Book signing events before Christmas to get your

very own copy of 'A DAY WITH ROAN SQUIRREL 'written and illustrated by myself.

A percentage from each book sold goes to Saving Scotland's Red Squirrel group.

See you again next month - till then -


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