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Well if you haven't heard my BIG NEWS, here it is ........

I've been working on a children's wildlife book for quite some time now.

I wanted to both write and illustrate a colourful, realistic and educational

story set in my part of the world, aimed at younger children.

And here it is - 'A Day With Roan Squirrel ' is the first in the series of

stories from Liddesdale. The book is filled with illustrations as we follow Roan the red squirrel on

her day. Who will she meet along the way? And what's her big secret?

I chose not to laminate the book, as this is a story about wildlife and I

was very keen to keep it as environmentally friendly as possible. We all need to look at how much plastic we use, and to think about

where it goes when we're finished with it. So the words and pictures are on thick paper with a lovely matte feel.

I'm really happy with the quality of my first ever book.

A percentage of each sale will be sent to 'SAVING SCOTLAND'S RED SQUIRRELS'

because it really is up to us to help these beautiful native creatures to survive. Not only have we destroyed their habitats, but we are responsible for loss

of their food source too.

But the biggest threat to the survival of the reds came with the

introduction of grey squirrels.

They are native to America, and have no natural place in this country's

food chain.

Also the greys can carry squirrel pox. The reds can't cope with this

virus so if they're infected, they will die.

If we just stand back and do nothing, the greys will take over, and we

will lose our iconic Scottish reds. Everyone can help by reporting sightings of reds and greys,

whether alive or dead to 'SAVING SCOTLAND RED SQUIRRELS'.

We can make a difference.

I'm holding a book signing session at my log cabin studio this weekend -

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October, so I'm really hoping for

a busy time.

A Day with Roan Squirrel will become available to buy here

on the website, but for the time being I will be selling copies at local

craft fairs and farmers' markets so I would really love people to come

along and support those venues.

Details of other signing sessions can be found at

I'll see you again next month and till then


(and don't forget to report those squirrel sightings)

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