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This month has certainly had a change in temperature and

weather, with the arrival of much needed rain. Unfortunately

I'm not sure it will know when to stop.

Wildlife whether animal or plant has welcomed the rain and

flourished. My hayfield that looked almost scorched, is now

green with a thick flush of grass. My ponies will be kept well

clear of it until the sugars have dropped in the grass later

into the year .

The swallows have begun grouping together getting ready to

leave for warmer climates, they are a real miss when they go,

such wonderful wee birds to watch.

My family and I have noticed an abundance of Ladybirds this

year, they seem to be everywhere, in our garden, on fence posts,

in the long grass, on the stone dyke, in the flower beds, in the

log pile, I'm so pleased as last year we barely found any.

It's always a real treat at Newcastleton wildlife group if we

find a ladybird on one of our many bug hunts, they are like

the cherry on top of our findings.

Our Jenny wrens have had a bumper year too. I love them,

they are such comical birds to follow and study. So petite and perfect.

The wild flower seeds my wildlife group sowed way back in spring,

have flourished and thrived , they took a lot of watering in those

hot weeks, but the work has been so worthwhile. The insects have

been buzzing around them, drawn by their beautiful colours

and textures.

The annual Holm show took place in our village on the last

Saturday of the month.

In past years we have entered chickens, rabbits, dogs and horses,

but this year we decided instead to enter a few things in the industrial

tent, things that didn't need watered and checked all day. My son Jake entered the Walking Stick section with a couple of sticks

he made himself at workshops held by local expert Drew Oliver.

Great skills like these need to be kept going and Jake was thrilled

to win a 3rd place rosette.

I entered a few paintings and drawings, gaining two 1st places and

a second.

We also had a very special reason to celebrate this month - with my daughter Amber's tenth birthday.

My exhibition at Woodside comes to an end this week, I was the

artist in residence for the month of August. I love this place,

it has such a great garden centre and cafe.

Things to look out for this month

* swallows gathering

*any autumnal colours yet?

*grey or red squirrels, continue reporting them . THANK YOU

*Ladybirds, have you spotted any?

Just enjoy the wildlife wherever you live, I know I do Till next time,

happy nature watching xx

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