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JUNE 2018

Well, what an absolute treat this month has been. We have been

completely spoiled with the great weather. I know it won't last ,

so we must make the most of it!

The warmth and sunny days have really brought wildlife to life.

The smell of flowers seems more intense and I'm sure the birds

are singing more loudly as well.

Please remember, as the earth dries with the heat from the sun, creating

plenty of dry spots for birds dust baths, our wild creatures need water for

growth, to bathe and to drink.

My horses are choosing to spend most of the day standing inside in

the shade , munching on their hay, popping out for short intervals to

nibble grass and hedges. They prefer to keep their serious grazing for

early evening.

If we feel hot, just imagine how animals with fur must be feeling.

I watched a wee rabbit in the garden yesterday, stretched out in the

full sun on our lawn, panting away.

I'm making sure that my garden offers water in the bird bath but

also with plenty of dishes of water on the ground for rabbits and

hedgehogs and other thirsty creatures.

I've been thoroughly enjoying drawing out of doors. It's been a bit

too hot to paint, but to sit outside and enjoy the benefits of natural

light is amazing. It's also a real treat to listen to nature as I draw

nature - well, at least until the midgies start.

I'm really enjoying working on some colour pencil illustrations just now,

which will be available in prints soon.

The end of June and beginning of July is a very special time in my

home village - because that's when we hold our annual Music Festival -

and our Common Riding. The Festival brings people in from all over

the UK and you can hear music just about anywhere you go.

The Copshaw Common Riding is unique - because our steeds are pushbikes

instead of horses. It's a real family affair and great fun with music, games,

and so much more. Anyone can take part, but they have to be prepared to be

ready for anything! Our main man this year - known as The Tub - is

Deev Mitchell and it looks as though he'll have beautiful warm and sunny

weather for his Big Day.

What we can do for wildlife in hot weather * Offer water in your garden, including low water dishes for hedgehogs etc

* Please don't lift baby birds, if they are feathered and bright looking, leave well alone as the mum is most probably near by

* Listen for crickets * Look out for gold ringed dragonflys, there are loads this year * Tread carefully as adders are about and love the heat * Come along and join the Copshaw common riding ! Happy wildlife watching folks

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