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I almost got excited enough earlier this month to put my winter coat

away - but no, it was a false alarm and I'm still wearing it today.

The weather is so confusing right now - one day we're having a

heatwave and the next we're told there could be frost at the weekend

- my poor Spring flowers :(

I have to say though, the garden birds are cracking on building their wee

nests despite the weather's chill. I've seen multiple arguments about who

should get which spot. The great tits normally push the blue tits out of the

way of their chosen nesting site, while the nuthatch vocally guards his


My tawny owl box looks like it's been taken over by crows and several wrens

are nesting very close to each other in the ivy around one of my windows.

I'm so glad to see swallows returning, that's a real sign that wildlife believes

Spring is here.

For the second year running we have the delight of a nightjar hiding out in

the rashy fields, dominating and claiming his area vocally. I haven't quite

located where the wood peckers have nested yet, but I'm sure I will in time .

Down where my horses live, there has been a sudden appearance of tiny

wee bunnies, they love to play near to the horses, so they must feel

safe with them, just as this this pet one does with my daughter Amber.

We have frog spawn galore in the big puddles and ditches, and after the

short burst of heat we were treated to, insects are on the move again.

I was delighted to hear and see a mass of bees devouring the pollen from

a type of willow tree but not so delighted when lots of flies appeared

in my house!

I miss seeing the partridge that pottered about our garden all Winter,

so I'm hoping this means there's a nest somewhere near. It's been a hectic month but a most enjoyable one for me because I

celebrated my 40th birthday, with a surprise get together with my nearest

and dearest!

My bestie bought me amazing coloured pencils , so i can't wait to get

some new work created with them, to add to my growing portfolio.

THINGS TO DO THIS MONTH * Don't disturb nesting birds * Be aware when strimming/cutting grass as many creatures can be lurking * Look out for those bluebells * If you see a tired bee, offer some sugary water * Be careful walking along river edges, as many birds will lay their eggs

among the stones . * Keep your dogs on leads near any sheep and lambs * Continue not to throw litter HAPPY WILDLIFE WATCHING P.S. I have some very exciting news to share next month!

Let's just say 'one will be on one's best behaviour... '

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