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I can almost hear the jingle of those sleigh bells, Santa is definitely on his way! This month has really embraced us all in arctic conditions, from frosty mornings,

to ultimate wintry conditions.

As I sit at my window, the wind picking up with a definite wintry feel, my bird feeders

are attacked from such a variety of birds, trying to feed and survive the day. I love

to watch the long tailed tits , as they feed in a frantic frenzy in numbers!

The tree creepers work their way up the bark on the old oak tree, picking up insects

as they go.

Everyone scarpers as the male spotted wood pecker swoops in for a bite to eat. At least today with the sun out, the water doesn't need thawed out for the birds

to drink.

My horses seem grateful for their warm stables , filling themselves with a

constant supply of hay, then turning into youngsters when there is even just

a flurry of snow, maybe they know Christmas is coming too! Mr Fox seems to be out and about more, though so far my chickens are safe.

Mr Badger however has been busy clawing at the chicken coop door. We try

our best to keep the chookes safe, just hoping Badger and Fox find something

else to feed their hunger on, but we all need to survive, especially during

the winter months.

Ratty has recently been nosing about too and decided to chew through a

fuel pipe. I assume it wasn't a tasty treat but those gnashers need kept

in trim!

Our tawny owls are a constant hoot through the night's, calling to each other,

and hunting well. Even though we are into winter , please don't forget about wildlife, this is a

crucial time of year, as it's the toughest.

We can help by . . .

FOOD : provide fruit, bird seed and nuts, not only does this help birds

and small mammals, but insects too SHELTER : again a simple wee log pile, pruned limbs off bushes, can provide

a shelter from the elements and predators

WATER : this is just as important as food, especially after a hard frost. I'd just like to finish with some very special and heartfelt Thank You's...

* To all who have followed me throughout the year, your comments and

likes make it all worthwhile.

* To all who have bought my artwork.

* To all who have helped our local wildlife.


and happy 'love nature'

to you all

See you next year!

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