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Well here we are almost ready to carve pumpkins!

Where is this year going? Autumn is usually my favourite time of the year but

I'm feeling fed up of the never-ending wet weather. However one amazing lady did manage to lift my spirits this month. She is

Lorna Kempsell, Manager of the South of Scotland wildlife hospital. Lorna kindly agreed to visit Newcastleton Wildlife club during the October

holidays and she came armed with so much useful and informative information,

all about rescue and rehabilatation for wild animals.

Lorna has inspired me and the wildlife club members to do so much more for

wildlife. We collected and donated much needed items for the hospital over

at the Barony College campus in Dumfries - like newspapers, towels, pillow

cases, a large box of washing powder and bags of bird seeds and nuts.

I've just received a thank you letter today from Lorna , along with a certificate! Lorna reminded us all that we need to help hedgehogs at this time of year. She

told us what to feed them, how to create hedgehog homes, what we can do in our

own gardens, how to recognise ailments in hedgehogs and what to do.

These two wee hogs are being cared for at the Wildlife Hospital because they are

too small to survive alone.

Our woodland and gardens are changing significantly now. The heavy rain and winds

have forced the stunning autumnal leaves from trees and the ground is sodden, but when a glimmer of sunshine comes through, you may be lucky enough to spot a


The only good thing about the long spell of wet weather is that it has allowed me

to do lots of artwork. My slate art prints are now available in mini size...

Things to do in October * My wildlife art exhibition is still on at Woodside garden centre till the

end of October

* Create a hedgehog home in your garden

* Check your bonfires before you light them, in case any small mammals like hedgehogs have made their homes there.

* Regularly put out bird seeds ,nuts and water

See you in November...

. . . Happy Hallowe'ening!

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