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Should have been September!

I know - it's October already and here I am with the blog for September!

Two bad cases of Chickenpox in the family scuppered my plans for

getting it out earlier but you know what they say - better late than never...

So this is what I wanted to say last month...

This is my favourite time of the year. The leaves are steadily falling from

the trees and the tones of colours are amazing, from yellows, oranges,

reds and rowns, as well as the rich and glowing colours of the berries

and fruits.

Wee animals are beginning to fluff up and thicken their coats ready

for the Winter months to come - although I don't actually think I've

put my winter coat away at all this year!

This month we have discovered a second crop of fly agaric fungi

(toadstools) in our garden, they are absolutely stunning,

but best observed from a distance as they are highly poisonous.

The elder bushes are heavy with their berries, and the brambles are

certainly providing plenty for the birds, badgers and foxes.

Our hazel nut trees definitely have a healthier crop on them this year too. Owl numbers have been on the rise this year, here at our place there has

been another batch of tawny owl chicks. Barn owls have also done

extremely well, so there must have been a plentiful supply of

voles and mice.

I took part in a two-day Bat Watch at Rock UK just outside Newcastleton

with my friend Sharron and son Jake. We learned so much about

their behaviour and habitats and found it really interesting, so

a big thank you for the invitation.

At WILDLIFE club we've been busy teaching our new members about

red squirrels, and how important they are to us and Scotland.

Things to look out for:

●red squirrels caching their hazel nuts ●fly agaric fungi ●autumnal colours

●brambles, berries and fruits What you can do to help wildlife this month: ●make a log pile in your garden to help insects for the colder months

●create a hedgehog home

●have a woodland/riverside walk , enjoy the autumnal colours

My poor children Amber and had a rough time of it with Chickenpox

but they're both much better now. Staying at home to look after

them both meant I had more time than usual to catch up with

some of my sketching and art commissions - like this chap...

For the whole of October my wildlife art is being exhibited at

the Birdhouse cafe, at Woodside garden centre, near Harestanes


Sneak preview....

See you in October - again!

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