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We are well into August but I'm not any further on with getting winter fodder for my ponies. The grass in my fields is still long and the land is soaked thanks to all the rain August has thrown at us so far. Here's hoping for some drier weather to come.

I came across another bees' nest in my stable block - making two so far this year that have chosen to make their home with the ponies. Apparently the bees are drawn to the salty urine!

We've had quite a few wasps' nests in the past, but only one so far this year. Perhaps that's why the midgie population has been even higher than usual in this area this year?

I was abruptly woken the other night by what I can only describe as a scratchy clanking at my bedroom window. Feeling a little disorientated as you can imagine, I reluctantly pulled back the curtain - to find myself confronted by an even more startled Tawny Owl.

Normally the Tawny Owls perch themselves on my daughter Amber's windowsill most nights, as there are some bird feeders beneath her window. This makes it a great spot for watching mice and voles and clearly the owls think so too.

We managed to squeeze in a few days away - just packed the car and headed to the Cairngorms. There were many memorable highlights during our annual visit to the Highland Wildlife Park. We seemed to land at exactly the right time to see some amazing animals and as usual, we were the last to leave.

We walked with wild Reindeer, we watched the park's two male Polar Bears playing, frolicking and splashing about, rolling in and out of the water, saw Wolf cubs feeding and chasing one another, and spotted Wild Cats and Red Panda.

Quietly we followed a wee Red Squirrel, fell in love with Przewalski foals, and seeing young Lynx cubs was truly special.

We also made our regular trip to the Loch Garten RSPB centre - sadly the Ospreys weren't successful in breeding this year, but it's a great place to visit and support nevertheless.

The kids (and that includes my partner Clive, the biggest kid of the lot) enjoyed climbing, skydiving and water chutes at the Landmark Forest Adventure Park. I preferred to be the photographer where any heights or climbing were concerned!

All in all we had a fantastic time.

Things we've seen this month:

* Tawny Owls

* Young Stoats playing in our garden

* Spotted Flycatchers

* Lots of Bats

* Young Heron feeding near us

* Lapwing

We are all super excited this year because the big event in our local calendar - the Holm Show - happens to fall on Amber's birthday. So not only will we have birthday cake and presents, we will be busy at the Show too!

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and see you in September!

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