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Once again I have to start with an apology - for being so late with this month's blog. Of course I do have a very good excuse - I've been busy outside enjoying July's wildlife - even though I really haven't been enjoying all of its weather. Is it ever going to settle and let me get my fields cut?

Well the upside is that wildlife round here this month has been positively abundant whether it be birds, moths, flowers or raptors.

The Wildlife club enjoyed a visit from RAY Lowden, from Kielder Birds of Prey Centre, at the beginning of July, when members enjoyed learning falconry skills, and got up close and personal with a stunning variety of raptors.

We enjoyed taking part in a moth survey, with Phillip Hutton from the village. Phillip shared his passion and knowledge of all the moths with us and in just one night of trapping, we discovered more than twenty different species. We're hoping to do another later in Autumn.

We also were invited to tag along with Cat Barlow and Rick Taylor to ring some beautiful barn owl chicks.

One in particular loved Amber so much, it kept trying to hide up her jumper!

Just the other day our wren chicks fledged the nest, they were so , so tiny, we counted five. Swallows are just about to fledge any day now too.


*Fledgling birds *Red kites *Otters *Adder *Dragonfly *Moths *Berries on Rowan trees *Short eared owl


*Otters on the river Liddle *Bats *Moths

Thank you to everyone who reports spotting red or grey squirrels - please keep letting me know.


NEWCASTLETON AGRICULTURAL SHOW is on Saturday 26TH AUGUST, SAVE THE DATE FOLKS - and really hope to see you there.

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