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Eeeek where is this month going . . ? It's going way too fast! The youngsters who come to my Wildlife Group have had loads of opportunities to explore and to discover all the richness and variety that June holds.

I've been thoroughly enjoying the month too. The two tawny owl chicks' progress has been exciting. Their secondary adult feathers are beginning to take shape, and they're both exploring further afield. Most evenings they sit in one of our mature oak trees, calling to their parents to feed them. As a family we sit at our living room window watching in pure delight!

Our young sparrows have fled but there's no rest for Mr and Mrs Sparrow as they are now busy with their next clutch of eggs.

Even the dark dismal days we've had this month have had their bright side - because the heavy rain, and subsequent rise of the river Liddle, has given us glimmers of excitement spotting the faithful dog otter playing along the river side.

I was extremely fortunate when my friend Malcolm Henderson contacted me to tag along to check a peregrine falcon nest. The breeding pair have successfully raised only one, but it's a very well fed peregrine chick. After the essential checks , weighing, measuring and ringing the chick, I was over whelmed to be allowed to handle it. My kids weren't so pleased as they were at school and missed out!

My son Jake and I were driving back from Langholm to Copshaw over the stunning moorland road, when we suddenly spotted a low flying short eared owl. It was focused on hunting, hesitating while it located its prey, stalking and then diving into the rough grasses ,talons out. A few moments later it reappeared with a small rodent gripped tightly and off it flew with its prize. It was an absolutely stunning bird and we were so lucky to see it. THINGS I'VE SPOTTED THIS MONTH

lots of . . . Foxes,


Frogs n toads,


Roe deer,

Spotted fly catcher,

Short eared owl,


Hen harriers. THINGS TO DO IN JUNE

Look out for. . . . Otters Moorland black grouse,

Hen harriers,

Short eared owl

I've recently delivered a variety of my wildlife artwork to CAN - which is short for CUMBRIAN ARTISANS NETWORK. I'm really delighted to have my work on show in this lovely gallery next to LAINGS COFFEE SHOP in Harker. Do pop in and have a look - and enjoy a coffee at the same time.

Watch this space for my next exciting news!

And till then -


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