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WOW - How fortunate have we been with a lovely long spell of pleasant weather? However, dare I say it - I'm really quite happy to see the rain arriving as my

horses' troughs are dry and the usual steady flow of water in the burn is now a

mere trickle. Gardeners have been searching the sky for clouds and the poor

Swallows can't make their mud nests out of dry crumbling soils! My kids have

tried to help the swallows by pouring a bucket of water daily onto the same patch

of ground to keep it moist. Fingers crossed it does some good.

May is always a busy month in the wild life calendar. So many beautiful flowers, grasses, shrubs and trees are bursting into their unique forms.

Eggs are hatching, chicks are being fed, mammals are feeding their young, and

the chorus of bird song in the early mornings and early evenings is simply


At wild life club we have been busy with Malcolm Henderson as our tawny owl laid three eggs in our box. Two out of the three eggs hatched and when they reached

three weeks old, Malcolm came to our club and we ringed, measured and weighed

the chicks. Names to be confirmed - but at the moment Ant and Dec are


The Hedgehog exhibition is still on at Harestanes near Jedburgh, with a variety

of my hedgehog paintings on slate.

I also have a selection of art on display and sale at The Welcome to Langholm

shop in Langholm.

This is the MOORLAND month festival, with a variety of artists/crafters

work in the exhibition, so do pop in and learn more about the lovely and

amazing moorland between Newcastleton and Langholm.

Well worth a trip out.

Things I've spotted in May

* Adders are out and about from their hibernation

* Bluebells on wooded banking

* Tawny owl chicks almost ready to branch

* Swallows and swifts darting about

* Baby birds

* 3 grey squirrels, caught and dealt with! (thank you neighbour)

* Butterflies and moths, and so so much more


* Please don't pick up young birds, unless they are at risk from cats, traffic etc.

If you feel they are in danger place them in hedge,shrub or grassy area closest

to where you found the bird, as its parents have probably encouraged it to leave

the nest. Be aware that ticks and adder numbers are up this year, so always wear long

trousers tucked into your socks, and long sleeved tops when you're out in

wooded, long grass areas. Ticks can pass on lymes disease, and if one does

latch on to you or your dog, remove it very carefully with tweezers or a

special implement designed for the job. It's very important not to leave

the head behind.

Adders will normally move away if they feel the vibration in the earth as we

walk, but they do like to bask in the heat. Always be respectful towards them,

leave them alone if you spot any and seek medical help straight away

if you do get bitten. * Enjoy the bluebells * Keep an eye out for birds feeding their young * Take a walk late evening and listen to owls near you, you may even

hear the young calling to their parents.

Enjoy being wild in May!

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