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Last month I left you with a little teaser, saying I would have something amazing to tell you in April. Well - after keeping you waiting for a whole month, I can finally reveal my exciting news.

The Wildlife Watch group which I run has WON a national award. Newcastleton has been picked as the BEST WILDLIFE WATCH GROUP in the whole of the UK!

On Friday April 7th three members of the Scottish Wildlife Trust came to meet our group and to present us with a beautiful trophy plus certificates and prizes.

We were all so thrilled that our wildlife group has been recognised for all the hard work we do. Our members meet once a week, through all the seasons, whatever the weather.

But that wasn't the end of our exciting day. Because the Trust then announced that we have also won the BEST WILDLIFE GROUP IN SCOTLAND award too - so we were presented with more certificates and prizes.

We were really delighted that the Trust members were able to spend the morning with us, exploring the woodlands where we have our base. They also took part in our wildlife quiz, played games, helped to make some animal homes and finally enjoyed lunch in the woods with us.

What a great start to April, and it's my birthday this month too! Things to spot in April :

* Frog/toad spawn already on their second stage, tadpoles

* Primroses

* Be aware of nesting birds * Listen to some spring bird song * Lambs and calves out in the fields * The temperature is getting warmer * Bees/wasps and butterflies

* Watch out for that Easter bunny too

Have an Eggcellent Easter,

enjoy your wildlife watching

and I'll see you in May

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