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Hello hope you are well on this dreich day - if you're not Scottish that's a word that may not be familiar to you - but we know it only too well! Dreich means grey, dull, bleak - just what it sounds like really. 😕 February has seen a real mix of temperatures, weather conditions and wildlife activities. To my delight, the oyster catchers are beginning to arrive back down on the river. Every day the numbers are growing, and that's a real sign spring is just round the corner. We have also been watching a pair of blackbirds who are busy sussing out the possibilities for this year's nest.

Our wild cherry trees are still showing off their pink blooms, and the witch hazels' splash of colour is slowly dying back.

This month I was nominated by my friend and fellow artist Ann Smith to take part in the #7dayartchallenge. I have to say I really enjoyed photographing some of my work and posting it on social media. Here are the seven pieces I chose:

THANK YOU to all who took the time to like and comment on my page. I particularly enjoyed doing the wee sketch of the two rabbits , as they belong to my kids.


* Take a walk along a riverbank - look and listen out for oyster catchers

* This is still a good time to plant shrubs/trees in your garden to help provide habitats for wildlife.

* Give your bird boxes a clean out, ready for this year's nestings. So get out there and enjoy the great outdoors . . .

and Keep Wildlife Watching!

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