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It's hard to believe we're already well into October - where on earth has the year gone!

Autumn can be an incredibly colourful and productive season and that's definitely true this year. Here in the Borders we seem to have bumper crops of all sorts of Fungi everywhere. I'm guessing that the mild drizzly weather we've been having recently has been just perfect for them all.

Unfortunately it has also been perfect for the midges and we still have plenty of those too! Perhaps it will take a few frosts to keep them at bay.

Many creatures will now be starting to prepare for hibernation but hedgehogs still seem quite active at the moment, enjoying the process of bulking themselves up with plenty of worms ready for their long winter snooze. We have also spotted more frog spawn this month too.


* Autumnal changes in leaves. Trees, bushes and ferns in the Liddesdale area are absolutely stunning in their glorious red, copper and gold foliage.

* Fungi - see if you can spot and identify some amazing fungi when you are out walking, cycling or horse-riding this month. And needless to say - please don't try eating any of them unless you're absolutely positive you know what they are!


* Visit the Woodside Garden Centre near Jedburgh. A variety of my artwork is on display in the cafe there. The exhibition features mostly Scottish wildlife, such as badgers and red squirrels, but I have also included some horse themed paintings and prints too.

* If you're starting to think about Christmas (!) then please take a look at the artwork items on my shop page. There's a wide range of cards, prints and slates as well as teatowels and mugs. Just the thing to make someone smile this Christmas.

Don't forget to

keep Wildlife Watching

- and join me again next month

as we start the countdown

to the end of the year...

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