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Apologies to all, as I write my September blog late in the month . . . . .

I have been busy outside enjoying what seems to have been a late summer. Bees, butterflies and wild flowers have been thriving this month, but I fear a change in the weather is just around the corner. I've been extra busy this month with my Wildlife club here in Newcastleton,

doing our usual surveys, conserving wildlife, and generally enjoying being

outdoors exploring and discovering new things.

The other week we celebrated our 5th year with a party in the woodland with all the members and leaders. We enjoyed a lovely sunny afternoon, playing woodland games, bashing a pinata filled with sweets...

... and ended with refreshments and a big cake.

It's really hard to believe that five years have passed already

and we are all looking forward to the years to come . . . . Things I have spotted this month:

* The leaves and seeds are just beginning to blow in light breezes.

* Autumnal colours are beginning to develop over the countryside.

* Swallows gathering together before they leave us for the Winter.

* Otters on the river Liddle.

* Foxes calling to each other in the evening. Things to do this month:

Have you ever been on the road between Newcastleton and Langholm over the moorland? If not - treat yourself. Take a drive, cycle or walk - the heather covered moorland looks stunning. You may spot hen harriers, or red or black grouse.

You might even see wild goats playing on the hill.

We are so lucky to have so much wildlife right on our doorstep - but even if you don't live in the country, I bet you can spot some great signs that Autumn is here.

Have fun looking and I'll be back very soon for next month's wildlife watch.

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