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After a wet and unsettled July, my hopes of getting my fields cut for hay were looking slim . . .. after a few nice days, I'm hoping to be busy bailing this

afternoon - as will many other people in the area - so I'm writing this blog post with my fingers crossed!

If only we could control and manage the elements better.

So how does wildlife survive or indeed even adapt to such varieties of weather?

Well, for some it's just not practical. Some will find it too tough, but others will thrive. That is the very nature - of nature.

The beginning of August brought blustery winds that that blew my fragile wild poppies heads clean off!

We've watched many varieties of nesting birds with their young and successfully fledged their nests.

As a family we spent a couple of days at North Berwick and thoroughly enjoyed a trip to the Seabird centre once again. My two kids loved jumping the waves and swimming in the sea and we were lucky enough to spot some seals bobbing in the water. Back home, the River Liddle was running high at the beginning of the month and we regularly spotted otters playing on the muddy banks and chasing the ducks!!

We were happy to see that five of the young Flycatchers have successfully fledged their nest too. Other things we have noticed this month:

* Our Rowan trees are heavy with berries - earlier than last year. * Basking lizards on the stoney tracks

* Gold ringed dragonflys rising from the heathery moor

THINGS TO DO IN AUGUST= ** Come and visit Newcastleton! Our annual show - known as the HOLM SHOW is a guaranteed great day out for all the family. It's on Saturday August 27.

** Look out for hay being made. ** See if you can spot any Dragonflies - they are stunning. ** Check out Rowan trees - are they full of berries?

** Look out for LANDSCAPE magazine - this month it features the Newcastleton Wildlife Watch Group and we're very proud to be part of such a lovely magazine.

August is a special month in our household because it holds my daughter Amber's birthday - and this year she will be 8 - can't wait!

Don't forget to join me for

some more Wildlife Watching

in September.

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