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May 2016

The temperature has risen with little warning, and as true Scots we have been swift to dig out the shorts and vest tops that have been hidden away in the bottom drawer all winter!

Wildlife too seems to be full steam ahead while the warm days are here. Birds are frantically building their nests, butterflies have appeared from nowhere to flutter about, bees are buzzing around collecting nectar, while sloe

worms, adders and lizards bask in the sun to absorb the lovely heat.

Under the trees, carpets of stunning bluebells are bursting open,

perfuming the air with their familiar aroma.

What I've spotted in May:

* An abundance of bluebells among woodlands

* Sorrell. (apple of the woods)

* Tracks of roe deer in the woods

* Sloe worms - everywhere!

* Lower number of owls nesting (vole numbers are down)

* Trees and shrubs bursting into leaf

* Scent of the woodland has changed

* Batty bats are out and about - great fun to watch

* Frogs and toads.

What to watch out for in May:

* Birds feeding their young - remember, if you see a young bird out of its nest, please leave it alone as the mother is probably encouraging it to leave. If you feel the young bird is at risk - on the road for example - carefully place it at the side of the road, under a hedge perhaps. Handle the bird as little as possible

so as not to cause any stress.

* Take a walk and discover carpets of bluebells

* The forest is a great habitat to spot adders basking on the stoney tracks. Always respect adders and give them space, as they will strike if disturbed. Remember you can identify an adder by the classic zig zag markings along the body.

Enjoy wildlife spotting in this lovely month and make the most of the

warmth and sunshine - I know I will!

Join me again in June to find out what the

next chapter holds

in our year of wildlife watching.

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