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Spring has sprung! There have been glimmers of what's to come in the weeks ahead with sunshine and a warmer air. However, just when I begin to think I may wash my winter coat and tuck it away in the wardrobe'- back come the bitter cold wind and rain. Something that really makes me feel that Spring is here, is the welcome you get as you drive into my home village of Newcastleton in the beautiful Scottish Borders. Whether you come from the North, South, East or West you are greeted with blooms of stunning daffodils - a sight guaranteed to brighten up the dreariest of days.

I can see plenty of Spring signs in our local wildlife too. My son Jake and I watched a female rabbit with its mouth full of nesting material, birds are beginning to choose their best nest site,and buds are starting to open on plants, shrubs and trees.

So wildlife is truly awakening. I love the sounds as I'm out and about, like the birds chattering. Spring even has its own special smell with the scent of the opening daffadils, and the colour of the landscape is blossoming. The weeks ahead are all about new beginnings - the birth of wildife's future.

As I've been out and about with Newcastleton Wildlife Watch group, we've been finding a great variety of Spring signs.

Our top sightings are:

> Frog spawn

> Sparrowhawk spotted near our clubhouse

> Birds building their nests > Spider eggs > Lambs in the fields

> Wild daffodils > Hedgehogs

> Slow worms and so much more Even though it can be just as cold as a Winter's day - get out there and find some signs of Spring for yourself. Watch lambs play races in the field, enjoy the colour of the daffodils and get that lawn mower oiled up and ready! Happy Wildlife watching and remember to come and join me again next month when I'll tell you what you can look out for in May :)

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