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February has been and gone and into March we delve. My son Jake was delighted that on his birthday - the latest storm to hit us was called - Jake!

Temperatures are still so varied and it makes me wonder how wildlife can adapt to this - and how well they can - or perhaps can't - cope with it.

I have been waiting for this month to arrive! That's because my work is currently on display at The Old Post Office in Langholm, six days a week from 11am to 2pm as part of the Moorland March Festival. This is the latest in a series of teatowels featuring my work - this one shows a variety of birds and wildlife to be found on the moors.

There's also a variety of crafts and goods to view and buy - from Ann Smith, Woolfelt Art and Crafts; Rob Waitt, Chainsaw Artist; Hamish Odison, Leather Goods - and so much more...

What I've seen so far this month...

* Oystercatchers screeching through the night and their numbers are swelling every day.

* Tawny Owls calling to each other, preparing for Spring.

* Roe deer tracks through the woods.

What you can look out for this month...

* Visit Langholm's Moorland March exhibition or take part in one of their workshops.

* Listen out for owls calling in the night.

* Daffodils are up - those yellow blooms are just around the corner.

* Continue to feed the birds.

* Look out for buds opening on trees and shrubs.

And don't forget to join me again next month - to find out what's happening in the world of wildlife!

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