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As the evenings begin to lighten up, it makes me feel that Spring just might be round the corner . . .but then it chucks it down and the wind almost blows me off my feet! It's definitely still WINTER. However that does not mean there's nothing to see. The Witch Hazel is at its best

now - its stunning lime green and cerise centres reminds me we're on the right

side of Winter.

Snowdrops are everywhere I turn, Daffodils are not far behind and Crocuses are flowering again. Our Wild Cherry trees are still in bloom - they started in December!

As for animals and birds, look out for birds pairing up and fluttering about chasing each other, and for red squirrels scampering up and down trees

sussing out the best mate. I can't help but wonder how all the flooding we have experienced will affect

habitats and the eco-system. Think of all the eggs, larvae and creatures - even

fish that have been left in debris on the bankings, as rivers and burns subside.

We have been keeping an eye on Otters on the River Liddle, as they'll be getting

washed out of their halts - forcing them to move along the river.

WHAT YOU CAN DO IN FEBRUARY; It's still rough out there some days - so continue feeding your garden birds - a piece of fruit can offer a variety amongst their seeds

and nuts. Collect branches and twigs that the winds have brought down, bundle them up and place in a quiet corner in the garden - this can offer a variety of small birds and mammals a safe place.

Take a photograph of your favourite tree - do this each season and just watch how your tree developes and changes.

And don't forget to look out for those Snowdrops!

Happy wildlife watching - and join me again in March.

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